Commercial License

License Requirements

The Commercial Pilot License is the first license level in Canada where you may work for hire, subject to the provisions and limitations of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. A CPL is recognized internationally and trans-border flights are authorized.

With additional training, the holder of a CPL may also obtain addition ratings including a multi-engine rating, instrument rating, and aircraft type ratings.

Unless specifically prohibited on the license document, the holder of a CPL may also exercise the privileges of a Night Rating and a VFR Over the Top Rating. At any time, the holder of a Commercial Pilot License may exercise all privileges accorded to the holder of a Private Pilot License.


Must be at least 18 years of age


Valid Category 1 Medical Certificate


  • Complete 80 Hour Commercial Pilot Ground School

  • Pass Written Exam (CPAER)


  • Pass Transport Canada Commercial Pilot Flight Test (CPFT)

  • Must Pass the written to be eligible to attempt the flight test


  • Must first hold a valid Private Pilot License (PPL)

  • Minimum Total Experience Requirements prior to issuance of the Commercial Pilot License

    • 200 hours total time

    • 100 hours PIC

    • 20 hours PIC Cross Country

    • 20 hours dual instrument instruction

  • Must Complete a Solo Cross Country with at least three enroute stops with one stop at least 300 NM radius from the original point of departure

Commercial Course Requirements

  • 35 Hours Dual Instruction, including:

    • 5 hours dual night instruction

    • 2 hours dual night cross country

    • 20 hours dual instrument instruction (After issuance of PPL)

    • 5 hours dual cross country (total)

  • 30 Hours Solo Skills Development