IFR Rating

Rating Requirements

The Multi-IFR rating is the rating allows you fly a complex aircraft IFR and IMC, subject to the provisions and limitations of the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

A Multi-IFR rating is recognized internationally and is the next step along with the Commercial and Airline Transport License.

Following the issuance of a Private Pilot License or Commercial License the Transport Canada requirements for the issue of a Multi-IFR rating are as follows:



Must be at least 17 years of age


Valid Category 3 or1 Medical Certificate


  • Complete an IFR ground school (Not a requirement by Transport Canada but recommended by school)

  • Pass Written Exam (INRAT)


  • Pass Transport Canada Multi-IFR Flight Test (MIFRFT)

  • Must Pass the written to be eligible to attempt the flight test


  • Must first hold a valid Private Pilot License (PPL)

  • Minimum Total Experience Requirements prior to issuance of the Multi-IFR rating

    • 50 hours PIC Cross Country

    • 40 hours dual instrument instruction

  • Must Complete a dual Cross Country under simulated or actual IMC minimum 100 nm flight conducted in accordance with an IFR flight plan to include two different locations and instrument approach to minima.

IFR Course Requirements

  • 40 Hours Dual Instruction, including:

    • 40 hours dual instrument instruction (After issuance of PPL), 20 hours may be on simulator